This was our April Fool's joke for 2014! Enjoy. And remember, you can capture moments like these, as well as all of the beautiful and wonderful moments in your kids' lives, with Notabli.

Introducing Tantrum

Enough of the bullsh*t. Why do parents only share their kids' happy moments? It's like an epic brag reel. Well, guess what? Sometimes parenting blows. And now there's a tool to document it. Save every tantrum. Blackmail your kids with it later.



Forget childhood.

Tantrum is an iOS and web app that makes it easy to capture and save painful memories of all sizes, which in turn makes it easier to forget them.

Tantrum is like a baby book that has been ripped to shreds and fed to the dog.


Commiserate with Family.

Tantrum works great as a standalone archiving tool, but it really shines when you share the pain and misery with family & friends.

Grandparents will love it as a way to rub it in your face.


We keep sh*t private.

Share all the worst moments of raising a child privately using Tantrum's patented DIAPR® technology, because who in their right mind would want to share this stuff publicly.


Our flagship iPhone app was designed specifically for iOS 7. Post moments directly from your phone.

Post moments directly from your iPhone, if you can pry it from your child's hands. And even then, it'll probably be covered with snot or something.


Is your spouse out having fun while you're home with the kids? We'll immediately notify them on their iOS device when there's new content, so they won't miss a tantrum.

No iPhone? No problem. Our moment digest emails keep family & friends up to date either daily or weekly.

Has your iPhone been dropped in the toilet? No problem. Our moment digest emails are sent multiple times a day, for no apparent reason. We don't get it.


Ever notice that cloud icons sort of look like poop? This one has an arrow in it, because, honestly, what WON'T your child put in their mouth.

Our responsive web app is perfect for viewing moments in the browser, and on Android and Windows phones.

Our responsive web app is perfect for viewing moments, especially when you're hiding in the closet with your laptop. We won't tell.


Worried that your extended social networks view you as the perfect parent? Problem solved. We'll auto-magically send every single moment to every single person you know.


Think all of this is too pessimistic? Well, fine. You'd probably be better off with Notabli.