Notabli for iOS: 2.3.1 Release Notes

Lots of optimizations and bug fixes in this one, but most importantly: our friends with iOS 8 devices can now open the app again. So what happened? We added some 3D Touch features for iPhone 6s devices and this confused the iPhones and iPads with older software. Sorry about that! Fixed.

Updates from previous version (2.3.0):

We heard you loud and clear. Even though purple is the color of royalty, magic, and mystery, y'all like blue. So our designers slid the color sliders around so you'll see more blue in the Notabli app icon.

  • Speaking of app icons, you can now press ours to reveal 3D Touch Quick Actions, if you have an iPhone 6s.
  • New: Improved background upload support
  • Fixed: More reliable video uploads
  • Fixed: Moments occasionally posting more than once


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