Notabli, Notably, Notable

What's in a name?

The naming process for Notabli was similar to coming up with baby names. We wanted our product to have a name that was unique and had meaning, but didn't want a name that was too difficult for people to remember or mentally grasp.

When we settled on the name Notabli (pronounced just like "notably"), here are some of the things we took into account:

  • Meaning
  • Length
  • Uniqueness; we wanted to "own" our name
  • Available domain names (and a short URL for shared public moments:

The biggest challenge for us is the way we spell Notabli. When the name is spoken, people naturally assume Notabli is spelled "notably". We are certainly not the first company to purposefully misspell our name, a la Flickr or Tumblr, but there are some branding pains in the early stages.

You can download Notabli for iOS in the App Store.

If you found us while looking for one of the other products/services named notably or notable, we'll make it easy for you and link to them below. We have no affiliation with these products, services, or companies.

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