Why Notabli?

There's lots of discussion these days about how much we should post of our children on the internet. Be it for either levels of safety or keeping "friends" from deleting post-happy parents out of their newsfeeds, everyone has an opinion. I personally have my own set of (admittedly arbitrary) rules. I don't post photos of my kids naked or on the toilet in case they want to grow up to have a career in politics or choose my nursing home. I only post a photo or two a day and try to make them good ones. (Some people may find even that excessive, but some people go on selfie binges or photograph their lunch. Live and let live, I say.) I share the minutia only if it's going to make someone laugh. It's not set in stone, but more a general set of guidelines I've given myself.

Over the years of documenting my children's lives, I've kept notebooks of hilarious quotes, uploaded hundreds of photos to facebook and instagram, emailed recounts of particularly memory worthy moments to grandparents. All of which would now take ANOTHER lifetime to assemble in one easy to access location.  

Notabli offers the perfect solution to both of these new and age old problems. I actually filter everything through Notabli. Anything that feels like it needs to be remembered gets uploaded there first. The close friends and relatives that have connected to my account can check in and see or hear the latest. At the time of posting it's easy to share to facebook, twitter, and tumblr to cast it wider if desired. I can also decide after the fact and push it to those networks or send it as an email. 

It's an amazing thing to be able to share the lives of our children with the people who care about them. Especially those that aren't present for the day to day. (Let's be honest. Your brother-in-law's cousin's husband probably isn't all that interested. At least not daily.) And that's what Notabli is all about.